Some logo ideas for the New Orleans Pelicans…

You may remember that I posted on the unusual new name being proposed for New Orleans’ basketball team. Now, a contest is underway to pick the new team logo. Who knew there were so many ways to draw a pelican?  Check ‘em out and cast your vote here. [Read more...]

Gimme five!

Shaquille O’Neal greets a tiny fan in Boston. How adorable is that?  He was in town as a guest conductor of the Boston Pops, and the New York Times has the rest of the story. [Read more...]

Phil Jackson: "I don't think anybody should play on Christmas Day"

The celebrated basketball coach — and son of a minister — has some strong ideas about playing professional sports on a Christian holy day. He chatted about it recently on ESPN with Hannah Storm (who, incidentally, is a former colleague from CBS, and a Notre Dame grad): It’s an annual holiday tradition: put the star [Read More...]