Bridgeport Bishop Caggiano returns his residence to the seminary

From NCR:  As part of a series of diocesan changes, the bishop of Bridgeport, Conn., announced Tuesday plans to repurpose his nearly 9,000-square-foot home and possibly relocate his diocesan offices but said he will leave solutions to larger pastoral questions to Fairfield County’s first synod in 33 years. In a “state of the diocese” address [Read More...]

Bishop Caggiano: “Witness is the most powerful method of conversion. Not confrontation. Witness.”

A great interview with a great priest: from the National Catholic Register, a chat with Bridgeport’s new bishop, Brooklyn’s own Frank Caggiano: Please tell us little about growing up and discovering your vocation. I had a wonderful experience of what I call old-style neighborhoods, where I had perhaps 12 or 14 friends who lived on [Read More...]

How an Italian boy from Brooklyn became bishop of Bridgeport

Photo: Gregory Shemitz A great profile of a great priest, from Greenwich Time:  For a man just appointed by Pope Francis to be bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport, which covers all of Fairfield County, [Bishop Frank] Caggiano has rather humble roots. He was born on Easter Sunday 1959, into an Italian family so new [Read More...]

The warning signs of “Monsignor Meth”

The Connecticut Post has details: Looking back there were the usual warning signs, those nagging red flags. In Monsignor Kevin Wallin‘s case, there was the weight loss, the change in his usually meticulous appearance and his erratic behavior that concerned his parishioners and others, including church officials. “He just didn’t look right; he didn’t seem the [Read More...]

Ordination update: 7 new deacons for Bridgeport

Just like in the beginning! There’s an article about the men right here. And from the bishop’s homily: You are to be good servants of the Word, and enthusiastic agents of the New Evangelization. Never offer your own word, your own views, in place of the Word of Christ as it comes to us through [Read More...]