On Fr. Marcel Guarnizo’s statement: “I believe that he, and those inclined to support him, need correction”

From Dr. Ed Peters: Fr. Marcel Guarnizo’s statement evidences misunderstandings of several aspects of Catholic law on the administration of holy Communion and confirms my sense that Guarnizo erred in withholding holy Communion in this case. Regarding those errors, I believe that he, and those inclined to support or even imitate him, need correction. I [Read More...]

More on Michael Voris and “safeguarding ‘Catholicity’”

From canon lawyer Ed Peters, one month into the Michael Voris/RealCatholicTV/Archdiocese of Detroit standoff: Canon 216 embraces “any undertaking” not just “any undertaking that seems to be heterodox”. Most of what Voris/RCTV produces would probably pass doctrinal muster, but that happy fact counts for little in the face of the undoubted canonical requirement to secure [Read More...]

See you in court: more Catholics seek justice through canon law

It’s an interesting development that may be having a profound impact on how lay people think of the Church. From the AP: In recent years, clergy and lay people in the United States have increasingly turned to the church’s internal legal system to challenge a bishop’s or pastor’s decision about even the most workaday issues [Read More...]

On canon law, "administrative leave" and the media — UPDATED

A few commenters are still upset that EWTN has pulled Fr. John Corapi’s programs.  Shortly after the story broke, however, Relevant Radio — which also aired his work — issued a detailed press release, explaining their decision to remove his shows.  I think it helps explain the reasoning behind that decision. It reads, in part: [Read More...]

Deacons and sex: the four options

In his latest posting, Dr. Peters sums up the current situation and offers four possible options: 1. Deacons and priests, even if married, must observe perfect and perpetual continence. 2. Canon law requires priests, but not deacons, to observe perfect and perpetual continence. 3. Canon law requires priests (and perhaps deacons, mutatis mutandis) to observe only periodic [Read More...]

Deacons and sex: the debate continues — UPDATED

After all the sound and fury here and here, I got an email from a deacon who is a canon lawyer, William Finnegan, who noted: While I was studying for my Licentiate in Canon Law (JCL) at Catholic University in the late 80s, I brought up this very question, since I was already ordained as [Read More...]

More on married deacons abstaining from sex

Following up on this post, here’s a post post-script, from canon lawyer Edward Peters, at his blog: Dcn. Greg Kandra, webmaster of the respected “Deacon’s Bench” blog, asks: “Does anyone seriously think that tens of thousands of married deacons — not to mention the hundreds of married priests — are now suddenly going to commit [Read More...]

Can you countenance continence? — UPDATED

For those who are curious about this topic — and any married deacon should be — check out this article on the subject by canon lawyer Edward Peters. The issue in question is here: 1983 CIC 277. § 1. Clerics are obliged to observe perfect and perpetual continence for the sake of the kingdom of [Read More...]