Of prodigals and parades: Elizabeth Scalia nails it

The Anchoress today takes a thoughtful look at the controversy swirling around Cardinal Dolan and the St. Patrick’s Day parade and takes sides—but it’s the side of Christ. Read on:  What about a bishop agreeing to be Grand Marshall in a Saint Patrick’s Day parade wherein homosexual groups — yes, even the sort of lobbyist homosexual [Read More...]

Dolan meets with new mayor, vows to work with him to bring Pope Francis to NYC

Details:  Mayor Bill de Blasio and Cardinal Timothy Dolan today met for the first time since Mr. de Blasio’s election and vowed to join forces to try to bring Pope Francis to New York City. Emerging after a 45-minute meeting at the cardinal’s residence in Midtown, the ever-jolly Mr. Dolan and an excited Mr. de [Read More...]

Great moments in the episcopacy: Cardinal Dolan does the Colbert Report—UPDATED

Here’s Part 1 from last night. I’ll add the second part when they make it available. The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive And Part 2: The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive [Read more...]

Great moments in journalism: Does the NY Times hate Cardinal Dolan?

My blog neighbors over at Get Religion get the scoop on an important story that needed a followup—and never got one. Details:  What should we make of The Times coverage of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee abuse lawsuit? On 1 July 2013 The Timesprinted a story entitled “Dolan Sought to Protect Church Assets, Files Show”. [Read More...]

On Dolan’s Visit to a Mosque: “The Church Regards with Esteem the Muslims…”

Various corners of the internets have been aswarm with critical reaction to Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s recent visit to a Staten Island mosque. Some critics have said he was wrong to state that Muslims and Christians worship the same God; commenters have criticized him for comparing Muslims to Catholics and a few have expressed shock that [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan’s Commencement Speech: “Let Me Tell You the Secret of Notre Dame…”

This is pretty wonderful: Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s 2013 commencement speech at Notre Dame: Thank you, Notre Dame, for the joy of your company, the gracious invitation, the warm welcome, and the high honor of this degree. It was so obvious I almost missed it . . . See, ever since, almost a year ago, Father [Read More...]

“Cardinal Dolan Would Not, Did Not, Suggest Governor Cuomo Might Not Be a Catholic in Good Standing…”

Details: After New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan appeared to suggest during a radio interview this week that he may not view pro-abortion Governor Andrew Cuomo as a Catholic “in good standing,” the archdiocese has issued a statement saying that this is not the case, and that Dolan’s remark was misunderstood. “Cardinal Dolan would not, and did not, [Read More...]

A teachable moment from Cardinal Dolan: “All are welcome!”

The cardinal, on his blog, explains:  It was a lesson I began to learn when I was seven or eight . . . My buddy Freddie from across the street and I were playing outside.  Mom called me for supper. “Can Freddie stay and eat supper with us?”  I asked. “He’d sure be welcome, if [Read More...]

Dolan: “Sometimes, the Church has got to be out of touch…”

Details:  During an interview for “This Week,” Archbishop of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that the Catholic Church’s very nature means it will be — from time to time – out of touch with the concerns of its followers. “Sometimes by nature, the Church has got to be out of touch with [Read More...]

Biden attends Cardinal Dolan’s Palm Sunday Mass at St. Patrick’s

And before anyone asks: yes, he evidently did receive communion. Details: Vice President Joe Biden attended mass and received communion on Sunday at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York where the mass was celebrated by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. At a time when the administration is being sued by Dolan and the Catholic Bishop’s Conference over the Obama [Read More...]