From Cardinal Dolan: “Arrivederci!”

His final blog post before the conclave: I hope the conclave will not go on too long. All I know is that I’m just taking in a small “carry-on” piece of baggage. If we’re in there too long, and if they show photographs of St. Martha’s from outside Vatican City, my room will be the [Read More...]

The case for a Dolan papacy: “Evangelization on steroids”

John Allen today looks at three American cardinals who are getting some papal buzz, and what he says about New York’s Timothy Dolan is especially entertaining: What’s the case for Dolan? First, he’s evangelization on steroids. He’s easily the most charismatic, media savvy and engaging personality among the 115 cardinals who file into the Sistine [Read More...]

What have the cardinals been doing? One of them explains.

From New York’s blogging cardinal archbishop, Timothy Dolan:  Every day we each begin with the most effective prayer of all, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  In our sessions we pray from the Divine Office, begin each meeting with the ancient prayer to the third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, the Veni Sancte Spiritus, and we [Read More...]

Notre Dame’s next commencement speaker: Cardinal Dolan

I can’t think of a better choice for the Fighting Irish, can you? From the AP:  Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, considered a longshot to succeed Pope Benedict XVI, will be the principal commencement speaker at the University of Notre Dame in May. As head of the nation’s largest Roman Catholic archdiocese and president [Read More...]

Could “The American Pope” become the next pope?

In a profile a couple years ago, “60 Minutes” famously referred to Cardinal Timothy Dolan as the “American Pope”  Now, veteran Vatican observer Sandro Magister is taking a serious look at the possibility that Dolan might become THE pope: The mere hypothesis of the election of Dolan is fraught with terror. But Dolan as pope [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan: “The life of the church goes on”

From the New York Times, some thoughts from another conclave cardinal: The cavernous nave of St. Peter’s Basilica was nearly empty when Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan arrived Sunday morning, shortly after dawn, a fading moon still hanging in the sky, and red streaks of sunlight illuminating the facade. Cardinal Dolan, the archbishop of New York, is a [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan’s final Mass before heading to Rome

The question some folks were asking: will he be coming back? The shot above was taken at St. John the Evangelist this morning, the parish church located in the New York Catholic Center in Manhattan, where the Archdiocese has its offices (and where I work). The cardinal celebrated Mass with some of the other priests [Read More...]

Dolan: “Highly possible” next pope will not be from Europe

From the New York Times:  CardinalTimothy M. Dolan, the Roman Catholic archbishop of New York, said on Tuesday that he believed it was “highly possible” that the next pope could come from a non-European country. “When I was growing up, it was presumed the pope would be an Italian,” Cardinal Dolan said, discussing next month’s [Read More...]

Dolan statement on pope’s resignation

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, issued this statement moments after learning of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on February 11, 2013: +++ The Holy Father brought the tender heart of a pastor, the incisive mind of a scholar and the confidence of a soul united [Read More...]

Engaging the opposition: Cardinal Dolan shows how it’s done in his letter to Governor Cuomo

With a grateful h/t to my blog neighbor Frank, here’s the text of the letter from Cardinal Timothy Dolan to New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, following Cuomo’s “State of the State” message.    Dear Governor Cuomo: Congratulations on your third State of the State message earlier today. There is much to cheer in your report, and [Read More...]