Despite official rebuke, Cardinal Mahony maintains high public profile

From the Los Angeles Times:  When Archbishop Jose Gomez stripped his predecessor, Cardinal Roger Mahony, of public duties for mishandling clergy sex abuse cases, a church spokesman said the retired prelate’s life would remain largely the same with one exception: confirmations. No longer would Mahony preside at springtime rites in which teenagers receive the sacrament that [Read More...]

Cardinal Roger Mahony, scapegoat

In his own words:  [Fr. Ron Rolheiser] calls our suffering what it really is:  painful and public humiliation, which is spiritually a grace-opportunity.  I have tried to live out–poorly and inadequately far too often–his two implications of humiliation: 1.   the acceptance of being scapegoated, pointing out the necessary connection between humiliation and redemption; 2.   this scandal [Read More...]

Cardinal Roger Mahony, Suffering Servant

Seriously? Mark Shea drew my attention to the cardinal’s blog post yesterday, in which the archbishop of Los Angeles continues his Lenten meditation on, well, himself. From the cardinal’s blog:  The poem of the Suffering Servant is important for all of us who are disciples of Jesus Christ since we are called to imitate his words, [Read More...]

Gomez and Mahony, a study in contrasts—UPDATED

With both men making headlines recently, the Los Angeles Times takes a closer look at their distinctive styles: In more than two decades leading the Los Angeles Archdiocese, Cardinal Roger Mahony headlined immigration rallies, marched for worker rights and made national news by announcing he would defy a congressional bill he regarded as anti-immigrant. But [Read More...]

“Cardinal Mahony’s La Cosa Nostra”

That’s the stinging title of this piece from Real Clear Religion by George Neumayr (h/t New Advent) that bears reading this morning, as the aftershocks of yesterday’s temblor continue to shake Los Angeles. A snip: Referring to [Boston's Cardinal] Law, Cardinal Mahony piously told the press that “he would find it difficult to walk down [Read More...]

Bombshell: Los Angeles church records reveal efforts to conceal abuse

People knew this was coming, and here it is, from the Los Angeles Times:  Fifteen years before the clergy sex abuse scandal came to light, Archbishop Roger M. Mahony and a top advisor discussed ways to conceal the molestation of children from law enforcement, according to internal Catholic church records released Monday. The archdiocese’s failure to purge [Read More...]