Gallup: Catholic Hispanic population shrinking

Details: According to a new Gallup poll, young Latinos are shedding the Catholic faith of their parents and some are turning to Protestant alternatives with fervor. Most Hispanics are still Catholic, the poll found, but they are significantly less religious than their Protestant peers. And Hispanic Protestants are not only more religious, they’re far more religious [Read More...]

Split: Survey shows U.S. Catholics hoping for change, yet embracing tradition

From the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life:  As the pontificate of Benedict XVI winds down, many American Catholics express a desire for change. For example, most U.S. Catholics say it would be good if the next pope allows priests to marry. And fully six-in-ten Catholics say it would be good if the next [Read More...]

Why isn’t Santorum doing better among Catholics?

Analysts are crunching the numbers and looking at exit poll results, and have some conclusions: It still is not clear whether Rick Santorum’s comments on religion in public life cost him a significant number of Roman Catholic votes in the Michigan and Arizona primaries. The conventional wisdom seems to be that the comments did hurt [Read More...]