One Church, Two Paths: Contrasting Chaput and O’Malley—UPDATED

Over at NCR, Tom Roberts looks at these two leading American prelates—both Capuchins, former classmates, now among the most prominent archbishops in the United States—and sees two different views of the church. He comes to this conclusion: The contrasts in the two prelates are apparent and have to do with personality as well as ecclesiology [Read More...]

Archbishop Chaput on politics and secularism

A man who has been especially outspoken about politics and religion in the public square has a few timely things to say about those subjects in this video from Catholic News Service. [Read more...]

Chaput: “We need to look at the arc of Catholic history in our country”

Philadelphia’s Archbishop Charles Chaput delivered a challenging and potent address last night to the Catholic Media Convention in Indianapolis.  I was privileged to be there to hear what amounted to the kickoff for the Fortnight for Freedom.  A snip, courtesy First Things: We need to look honestly at the arc of Catholic history in our country. The [Read More...]