The first Chaput interview

NCR’s John Allen sat down for an exclusive interview with the soon-to-be Archbishop of Philadelphia, and found a few things that might surprise people. Snip: Love him or hate him, Archbishop Charles Chaput, Pope Benedict XVI’s choice as the new chief shepherd of the embattled Archdiocese of Philadelphia, is impossible to ignore. Few American bishops [Read More...]

Charles Chaput, a "visionary"

“You can’t mistake what he’s thinking. He’s a visionary. And what a change this will be. Philadelphia has had staid, traditional bishops and here comes someone who can combine genuine fidelity to the church with this vigor. This is a revolutionary choice!  [The pope wants] significant changes in the culture of the archdiocese. You won’t [Read More...]

First thing you should know: it's Sha-POO

Not Sha-PUTT, not Sha-POOT.  (N.B.: The Philly Inky has it listed as “Sha PEW” in their story…which I guess to them seems more churchy and less naughty.) Second thing: as of tomorrow, you will be hearing his name a lot. And here’s why: Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, widely perceived both as a leader of [Read More...]

Quote of the day

“Virtue does matter. Courage and humility, justice and perseverance, do have power. Good does win. And the sanctity of human life will endure.” – Archbishop Charles Chaput, quoted here. [Read more...]