One of the most commonly asked questions about communion…

I hear this a lot. “I’ve already received communion.  Can I receive again?” No less than two people asked me this question on Saturday, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.  They’d been to Mass for the feast day, and were then attending Mass in the evening for their Sunday obligation. The short answer is: yes. [Read More...]

Full text: letter of apology to lesbian

From MSNBC: Comments are now closed. [Read more...]

The USCCB on communion: “We should be cautious when making judgments…”

Someone reminded me of this document, put out by the USCCB in 2006, which states: In virtue of our membership in the Catholic Church we are ordinarily free to receive Holy Communion.  In fact, it is most desirable that we receive the Lord’s Body and Blood, so that Holy Communion stands out clearly as a [Read More...]

“Communion under both kinds is…encouraged and is expected to be the norm”

That’s the sentiment of Bishop Patrick McGrath of the Diocese of San Jose  who, breaking with recent trends in other parts of the country, has issued a statement for his own diocese: In light of recent statements by the bishops of the Dioceses of Phoenix and Madison regarding the limited use of Holy Communion under [Read More...]

The humbling experience of being an EMHC

After the recent decision in Phoenix, cutting back on distributing the Precious Blood at communion, there’s been a lot of discussion about whether Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHCs) are really all that necessary or helpful. My neighbor in Patheosian bloggery, the great Max Lindenman, has some thoughts: Serving as an EM, like manning a [Read More...]

"You come to supper with the Lord, but you don't eat"

That’s the memorable remark of one priest to a member of his flock who consistently skipped communion.  How should pastors handle this? Catholic News Service has an interesting take: Father Adam Forno occasionally notices parishioners skipping the Eucharist at St. John the Evangelist and St. Joseph parish in Rensselaer, where he is pastor. Sometimes, a [Read More...]

Health scare: churchgoers warned about getting hepatitis from communion — UPDATED

It may have happened on one of the busiest and most crowded days on the church calendar: Christmas. From the New York Daily News: Churchgoers who received Communion at a Catholic church in Long Island on Christmas Day could have been infected with hepatitis A, the Nassau County Health Department warned Monday. Department and church officials did [Read More...]

"Make your mouth into a landing pad…"

That’s just one of the tips Taylor Marshall is offering for receiving communion on the tongue — a practice that is hardly taught anymore, but that the pope seems to favor. On any given Sunday, when I’m distributing the Body of Christ, I will give communion to about 50 or 60 people at each mass. [Read More...]