Someone alert George Jetson: amazing device projects a computer keyboard onto any flat surface

Wow.  Just wow:  Smartphone and tablet users who want a full-sized keyboard without carrying one around may want to check out a device called the Magic Cube. Demoed by manufacturer Celluon at CES this week, the Magic Cube displays a full keyboard and a multi-touch mouse on just about any flat surface. The virtual keyboard and mouse appear as [Read More...]

Original Mac Apple now for auction on eBay. Price? $99,995.

And the bids could take it even higher than that: Among personal-computer enthusiasts, there are many rare and desirable models from years’ past. The Apple Lisa. Steve Jobs’s NeXT computer. The Canon Cat. But there’s a machine selling on eBay right now that’s arguably the rarest of them all: a prototype of the original Apple Macintosh computer. As you might [Read More...]