Must-see video: “60 Minutes” profiles the Copts

It begins with the election of a pope and ends with an exorcism. Fascinating and balanced.  And deeply moving. Kudos to correspondent Bob Simon and producer Harry Radliffe for giving viewers a glimpse into this corner of the Christian world. [Read more...]

Out of Egypt: a woman reporter speaks

This month, ONE has a revealing and unsettling look at what it’s like to be a Coptic woman in Egypt (hint: it ain’t easy.)   The reporter, Sarah Topol, sat down for a brief video interview, below, where she explains some of the challenges involved in being a woman journalist in that corner of the [Read More...]

While Egypt burns

In Cairo, clashes between Christians and military police have taken a deadly turn. From Reuters: Nineteen people were killed in Cairo on Sunday when Christians, some carrying crosses and pictures of Jesus, clashed with military police, medical and security sources said, in the latest sectarian flare-up in a country in political turmoil. Christians protesting against [Read More...]

Muslims act as human shields for Christians

As Copts mark their Christmas, under threats of attack and fear of further bloodshed, The Anchoress points to this great story of solidarity in Egypt: Egypt’s majority Muslim population stuck to its word Thursday night. What had a been a promise of solidarity to the weary Coptic community, was honoured, when thousands of Muslims showed [Read More...]