Sold: Catholic diocese buys Crystal Cathedral for $57.5 million

The bidding war is over, and the Diocese of Orange will soon have a new cathedral in one of the most famous worship spaces in America. Details: In the end, 2,000 years of tradition carried the day. An Orange County bankruptcy judge ruled Thursday that the Crystal Cathedral, a monument to modernism in faith and [Read More...]

Diocese still bidding for Crystal Cathedral

Evidently, the deal announced a couple weeks back isn’t a done deal. Details: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange has once again increased its offer to buy the Crystal Cathedral — by $1.8 million to $55.4 million. Alan Martin, an attorney representing the diocese, made the announcement about the cash offer Wednesday in a bankruptcy court [Read More...]

Diocese of Orange loses bid to buy Crystal Cathedral

Among other things, this means the diocese can continue exploring options to build its own new cathedral. Details, from the Los Angeles Times: Chapman University has been picked by the board of the bankrupt Crystal Cathedral as the preferred buyer of the Garden Grove property. Under the plan, Chapman University would purchase the campus for [Read More...]

Crystal clear: diocese issues statement on cathedral bid

“The prevailing goals are to see creditors satisfied, adequately provide for all constituents and stakeholders, and accommodate the Diocese of Orange’s need for a new cathedral, while respecting the CCM ministry and its legacy. It is the Diocese’s intention to safeguard Rev. Schuller’s cherished landmark from potential commercial development or general purpose uses. ‘This sanctuary [Read More...]

Pastor: Crystal Cathedral not for sale

The Catholic Diocese of Orange submitted a bid last week — in cash, for  $50 million — but it seems the place is no longer on the market. From the Orange County Register: The Crystal Cathedral, Orange County’s iconic megachurch built by Robert H. Schuller, is not for sale, Sheila Schuller Coleman, senior pastor of [Read More...]

Diocese submits bid to buy Crystal Cathedral

A couple weeks back, we learned the Diocese of Orange was considering investing in the property.  Yesterday, it made a cash offer. From the Los Angeles Times: A Roman Catholic diocese made a $50 million cash offer to buy Southern California’s financially struggling Crystal Cathedral, officials said Friday. The Diocese of Orange said its proposal [Read More...]

A Catholic Crystal Cathedral?

Maybe.  Is someone up for “flipping” a cathedral? The Diocese of Orange, California is looking to build a new cathedral — but there may already be one that’s been built and is ready to go…or at least, ready to become the American church’s biggest and most expensive convert: The Roman Catholic Diocese is exploring the [Read More...]