Fiancée, family of Dallas Ebola victim staying at Catholic conference center

Details from The Dallas Morning News:  Bishop Kevin J. Farrell said he hesitated only briefly before offering up the Catholic Diocese’s conference center as housing for Louise Troh and her family. “I had to think of the consequences but it was in my heart all the time that I had to do something,” Farrell said Monday, [Read More...]

Homiletics: “There’s an elephant in the living room…”

How one priest does it: A local minister once likened writing a Sunday sermon to doing a school research paper every single week —— a daunting task, when viewed in that light. Fr. Joseph Levine, pastor at St. Peter Catholic Church in The Dalles, shared his process for preparing a homily, as a sermon is [Read More...]

Before and after: a Texas church reborn

Earlier, I posted on my visit to St. Monica’s in Dallas, which has just completed a lengthy renovation. It will be rededicated later this month.  I paid a visit to the parish Facebook page and found some truly impressive pictures of the renovation in progress.  Check ‘em out. [Read more...]

Bishop Farrell: “Our deacons are a great gift to the church…”

Bishop Kevin Farrell, of the Diocese of Dallas, looks forward to some upcoming ordinations: It will give me great pleasure to ordain 27 candidates to the Order of Deacon at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the first two Saturdays of February. Fourteen of the men will receive the Sacrament of Orders [Read More...]