Yawn: another rock video mocks the Catholic Church

Hasn’t Madonna already done this to death? Details:  Gary Oldman and Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard star in the latest video from David Bowie, featuring debauched Catholic clergymen. The promo, which premiered online this morning, depicts French star Cotillard as a dancing girl who bleeds from stigmata marks on her palms while Bowie plays a Jesus-like [Read More...]

Bing & Bowie: the story behind "The Little Drummer Boy" duet

I remember seeing this when I was a freshman in college, when it first aired, and thinking: “This is so COOL.”  Well, some people now consider it camp.  But I still think it’s cool — and a classic. The other night, ABC News did a very good report about how this now-famous duet came together.  [Read More...]