Judge rules that deacon’s company will not have to provide contraception coverage

Details:  Greg Hall is safe from government fines – for now. The Catholic deacon who owns American Manufacturing Company in St. Joseph has received a preliminary injunction protecting him from provisions in the Affordable Care Act. The injunction was issued Tuesday in the 8th Circuit of the federal district courts by U.S. District Court Judge [Read More...]

Deacon baptizes man on death row before scheduled execution

From the Georgia Bulletin: Warren Hill received the sacraments of the Catholic Church on Feb. 14, in a confined area near his cell where he was awaiting his execution in five days. Deacon Richard Tolcher, who had been meeting regularly with the 52-year-old and teaching him about prayer, the sacraments and the Catholic faith, baptized [Read More...]

A deacon who preached his wife’s words

Bob Keeler in Long Island’s Newsday writes about an unusual deacon-and-wife combo: There is the average ghostwriter, and then there is Patty Buchenberger. Call her the Holy Ghost Writer. For two decades, from her husband Tom’s 1981 ordination as a permanent deacon in the Catholic Church until vocal cord cancer put an end to his [Read More...]

The pope and the deacon

Below, a shot some may have overlooked from the World Youth Day festivities last week. Pope Benedict, speaking at the monastery of San Lorenzo de el Escorial  — alongside an image of the great deacon martyr (complete with his dalmatic, ‘natch!).  You can find the text of his address here. [Read more...]