In favor of the death penalty: “Hanging concentrates the mind”

That, at least, is one of the sentiments expressed here by Fr. George Rutler in Crisis Magazine:  The grandson of St. Elizabeth Anne Seton,  Archbishop Robert Seton, long-lived but less loved, wrote that during the course of a holiday in France as a boy, the ceremonious spectacle of a man being beheaded inspired him greatly [Read More...]

Despite pleas from bishops, Jindal won’t halt planned Ash Wednesday execution

Details:  More attempts to stop the Feb. 13 execution of convicted child killer Christopher Sepulvado failed to make headway Tuesday. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office said he has rejected a request from the Louisiana’s Catholic bishops to stop the lethal injection. And the Louisiana Board of Pardons has denied Sepulvado’s clemency petition without a hearing. Sepulvado, [Read More...]

Florida bishops release statement opposing planned execution on Tuesday

Details: The bishops of Florida’s seven Catholic dioceses have released a statement opposing the upcoming Tuesday execution of Manuel Pardo, Jr., a former decorated Florida highway patrolman and police officer who killed nine people over a 92-day serial murder vigilante spree. “While the Catholic Church recognizes that the state has the right to carry out the death penalty [Read More...]

Catholics who are helping turn the tide of opinion on the death penalty

Something that doesn’t get much attention, but should.  From the Washington Post: Soon, probably next week, Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy will sign into a law a bill that abolishes the death penalty in his state. When he does, Connecticut will be the fifth state to enact such legislation in as many years — and the [Read More...]

Pro-life voters, take note

During the GOP debate Wednesday evening in California, only one question received applause: it was when NBC’s Brian Williams stated the statistic that Texas Governor Rick Perry had overseen 234 executions. Perry said that he had not lost sleep over any of the executions on his watch. Brian Williams noted the audience’s enthusiastic response to [Read More...]

Florida bishops on death penalty: "Killing someone because they killed diminishes respect for life"

“An execution re-opens the emotional wounds of victim’s families and does not bring back or honor their loved one. True peace can only be achieved by forgiveness. Killing someone because they killed diminishes respect for life and promotes a culture of violence and vengeance. We affirm the right and duty of the State to assure [Read More...]