The bee’s knees

As we near the Easter Vigil, and deacons around the globe are clearing their throats and practicing the new Exsultet, here’s an interesting tidbit from New Liturgical Movement: Recently one of our priests sent in some photos with a brief note about a Paschal candle that he, himself, undertook to design for his parish. He [Read More...]

Poached: Easter egg hunt canceled because of aggressive parents

It was supposed to happen in Colorado.  Not this year, though.  Details: An annual Easter egg hunt attended by hundreds of children has been canceled because of misbehavior last year. Not by the kids, but by the grown-ups. Too many parents determined to see their children get an egg jumped a rope marking the boundaries [Read More...]

Bishops call for one date for Easter

The subject comes up periodically, and it was broached again during a meeting in Lebanon this week: Catholic bishops in the Orient called Thursday for a common Easter holiday across the Christian churches to boost unity within the religion. The exact date of Easter changes from year-to-year based on the movement of the moon, and [Read More...]

What was your Easter like?

Or, to offer a diaconal bow to Amy Welborn, “What did you hear”?  How were the masses?  The homilies?  The music? A few observations from my parish: 1. All the masses were SRO, which was great, of course.  But when did people stop dressing up for Easter?  Saw a few nice dresses (and bonnets!) but [Read More...]

Jesus is risen: a moving Arabic flash mob from Beirut

After all the flash mobs we’ve seen over the last several months, this may top them all. I have no idea what they’re saying — click on the arrow under the screen for “CC” to get the translation — but what happens below is potent and poignant. [Read more...]

"I was called to serve, and I'm back to serve…"

A deacon who was seriously injured during last year’s Easter Vigil is marking another Easter, and giving thanks for his recovery. Details: As he waited for the Good Friday Mass to begin at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Deacon Joseph Hieu Vinh took one more look at his watch. Church members entered the evening service and [Read More...]

"If you can't find a seat, don't worry. Next week, we'll have plenty of room."

That was how a priest at my parish opened mass this morning, and we all knew exactly what he meant.  This is what it looked like from the front door of the church at 1:15, Easter Sunday: Standing room only at all the masses, lots of unfamiliar faces, a few colorful hats. A couple people [Read More...]

"He has been raised!"

Doesn’t that deserve a little “Hallelujah”?  I think so. [Read more...]

My Holy Thursday

Jesus, moved tonight to a temporary altar erected in the middle of our church.  (Click to enlarge the pictures). This was accomplished with a beautiful candlelight processional around the darkened church, complete with Pange Lingua Gloriosi… Sing, my tongue, the Savior’s Glory, Of His flesh the myst’ry sing: Of the Blood, all price exceeding, Shed [Read More...]

Was Holy Thursday really on Wednesday?

One scholar thinks so — and is suggesting that we got the date of the Last Supper wrong. From the Sydney Morning Herald: One of the most famous meals in history is commemorated a day late, a new book by a Cambridge University physicist claims. Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, who was knighted last year for [Read More...]