You can’t watch this video and be unmoved by the plight of Egypt’s Christians

A priest reader sent this my way and he said he found it “sobering.” I find it devastating. The music: Procession (The Trisagion) by St. Symeon Orthodox Church Trio “Antiphony” from the album Their Souls Shall Dwell With the Blessed: A Service For Those Who Have Fallen Asleep. Pray for Egypt. [Read more...]

In Egypt, persecuted Christians turn to faith

Details: There was no mention of churches torched or Christians killed, but the prayer neatly written on a tiny piece of paper and placed atop an icon of St. George in the chapel of a desert monastery left no doubt about the growing fear and despair of Egypt’s Coptic Christians. “Oh Lord, for the sake [Read More...]

Egypt’s Copts elect a new pope

From Reuters: Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox church chose a new pope, Bishop Tawadros, in a sumptuous service on Sunday that Christians hope will lead them through an Islamist-dominated landscape and protect what is the Middle East’s biggest Christian community. Many Christians in Egypt, who make up about a tenth of the population of 83 million, are [Read More...]

AP: Man behind anti-Muslim film is “a southern California Coptic Christian with a checkered past”

The Associated Press reports: The anti-Muslim film implicated in mob protests against U.S. diplomatic missions in the Mideast received logistical help from a man once convicted of financial crimes and featured actors who complained that their inflammatory dialogue was dubbed in after filming. The self-proclaimed director of “Innocence of Muslims” initially claimed a Jewish and [Read More...]

Out of Egypt: a woman reporter speaks

This month, ONE has a revealing and unsettling look at what it’s like to be a Coptic woman in Egypt (hint: it ain’t easy.)   The reporter, Sarah Topol, sat down for a brief video interview, below, where she explains some of the challenges involved in being a woman journalist in that corner of the [Read More...]

While Egypt burns

In Cairo, clashes between Christians and military police have taken a deadly turn. From Reuters: Nineteen people were killed in Cairo on Sunday when Christians, some carrying crosses and pictures of Jesus, clashed with military police, medical and security sources said, in the latest sectarian flare-up in a country in political turmoil. Christians protesting against [Read More...]


I knew Lara Logan during my time at CBS News, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more tenacious, eager, committed reporter. She was someone who could have gotten by on just her looks, but didn’t.  She rolled up her sleeves and went into some of the most dangerous places on earth, to get the [Read More...]


This, of course, is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.   And it is also a day when history was made in Egypt. Above: “The Virgin Mary Tree” in Egypt. An ancient tradition holds that it protected the Holy Family. The Anchoress points out that Hosni Mubarak resigned on a Marian feast — and that [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words: the press under attack in Egypt

An image from Cairo this week, below… SIPA Press agency photojournalist Alfred Yaghobzadeh is treated by anti-government protesters after being wounded during clashes in Cairo. (Photo by AP) Read more here. [Read more...]

Muslims act as human shields for Christians

As Copts mark their Christmas, under threats of attack and fear of further bloodshed, The Anchoress points to this great story of solidarity in Egypt: Egypt’s majority Muslim population stuck to its word Thursday night. What had a been a promise of solidarity to the weary Coptic community, was honoured, when thousands of Muslims showed [Read More...]