Update: police in China arrest two in death of little girl

You may remember this horrific video of a little girl run over by a van — and the bystanders who did nothing. An update, from the AP: Police formally arrested two drivers suspected of running over a toddler who died a week after she was struck on a busy market street in southern China and [Read More...]

"Fr. Corapi, you are a priest forever…"

That’s just the beginning of this extraordinary taped message, posted by four men who say their lives were changed by him. I’ve written more about Corapi and his priesthood right here – wondering, among other things, why the sacraments were such an insignificant part of his vocation.  Could that have been part of the problem? [Read more...]

Quote of the day

Or maybe, word of the day: “It was simply inconceivable — in the Wallace Shawn sense of the word — that Corapi’s accuser was telling the truth.” – Max Lindenman, with his take on the Corapi news. If you don’t get the reference, see below. [Read more...]

Corapi announcement? — UPDATED

A reader posted this in the comments thread of an old post about Fr. John Corapi, and similar statements are hurtling around the Catholic blogosphere tonight.  It evidently comes from a statement distributed to those on Fr. Corapi’s e-mail list: We understand many of you would like an update–any update–on the status of Fr. John [Read More...]

On canon law, "administrative leave" and the media — UPDATED

A few commenters are still upset that EWTN has pulled Fr. John Corapi’s programs.  Shortly after the story broke, however, Relevant Radio — which also aired his work — issued a detailed press release, explaining their decision to remove his shows.  I think it helps explain the reasoning behind that decision. It reads, in part: [Read More...]

Corapi update: EWTN slams "shrill and uncharitable" attacks

Every Friday, it seems, there’s another significant  statement released in the ongoing story of Fr. Corapi — and this Friday was no different. Late today, EWTN came out in defense of its decision to pull all of the priest’s programming. Details, from the station’s website: The Eternal Word Television Network said its decision to halt [Read More...]

Fr. Corapi updates: his case, and his order

The National Catholic Register has posted a couple good updates on the still-unfolding story of Fr. Corapi. First, a round-up of the case, and what is known and what isn’t. Secondly, an interview with a representative from Fr. Corapi’s order, The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT). Both are worth a [Read More...]

Fr. Corapi's order says investigation has not yet begun

And the Diocese of Corpus Christi disputes a characterization posted on Fr. Corapi’s website, claiming that it was a bishop who suspended the priest. Details, from Catholic News Service: Marty Wind, director of communications for the Diocese of Corpus Christi, disputed (Bobbi) Ruffatto’s claim that Bishop Mulvey placed Father Corapi on leave. He said the [Read More...]

Praying for priests in general, and one priest in particular

A few weeks back, I posted this prayer by St. Therese. Now seems a good time to revisit it: O Jesus, Eternal Priest, keep your priests within the shelter of your sacred heart, where none may touch them. Keep unstained their anointed hands, which daily touch your sacred body. Keep unsullied their lips, daily purpled [Read More...]