Praying for priests in general, and one priest in particular

A few weeks back, I posted this prayer by St. Therese. Now seems a good time to revisit it: O Jesus, Eternal Priest, keep your priests within the shelter of your sacred heart, where none may touch them. Keep unstained their anointed hands, which daily touch your sacred body. Keep unsullied their lips, daily purpled [Read More...]

School for scandal: how St. Pio responded

More than a few people in comments here and elsewhere have  compared Fr. John Corapi to Padre Pio — most significantly because both men, while renowned for their faith and their piety, faced very public accusations of scandal.  Padre Pio, of course, was also charged with having multiple affairs and, like Fr. Corapi, had his [Read More...]

EWTN releases new statement on Fr. Corapi — UPDATED

Patrick Madrid has the scoop: We are aware that many of our supporters are disappointed in EWTN’s decision to remove Father John Corapi’s programs from the Network during his administrative leave.  We too are greatly disappointed that EWTN had to make this difficult decision. We can  assure you that it was made with much prayer [Read More...]

Father Who? Why Corapi matters — UPDATED

If a legendary priest falls, and a lot of people don’t hear it, does he still make a noise? I look at that in this week’s column, “All Things New,” beginning with an encounter the other day: Mid-day Monday, I found myself by a bank of elevators, waiting to go to lunch. Two priests soon [Read More...]

The Corapi case: what we know, what we don't

Well, to paraphrase Garrison Keillor: it’s been a quiet weekend at The Deacon’s Bench. Which is to say: um, no.  Not so much. The blogosphere is still trembling from The Corapi Quake.  There’s been an unprecedented reaction to this story about the famous priest’s very public admission that he has been accused of impropriety and [Read More...]

"March Madness" and the case against Fr. Corapi

Dr. Gerard Nadal — a frequent visitor and commenter here — says aloud on his own blog what many have been thinking: It is possible that the allegations are true in whole, or in part. While I strongly doubt that may be the case, it is nevertheless a possibility, grounded in the reality of past [Read More...]