Gay mass goes on at Boston parish

It made headlines last month when it was scheduled, then cancelled — but the controversial “Rainbow Mass” finally went on yesterday. The Boston Globe was there: The Rainbow Ministry of St. Cecilia’s Church opened its doors to nearly 700 people yesterday for a long-awaited Mass in support of gay and lesbian Catholics, capping a month [Read More...]

California passes bill requiring schools to teach gay history

It happened late Tuesday: A bill to require California public schools to teach the historical accomplishments of gay men and lesbians passed the state Legislature on Tuesday in what supporters call a first for the nation. Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, has not said publicly whether he supports the bill, which he has 12 days [Read More...]

Boston's Gay Pride mass is back on

It will happen next month, according to the Boston Globe: “See you all on July 10!’’ said Rainbow Ministry president John Kelly, throwing his hands into the air at an alternative service held outside the church last night. An audience of nearly 250 people, from children in baseball uniforms to elderly couples in their Sunday [Read More...]

"Catholics increasingly are reaching out to the LGBT community…" — UPDATED

A retired Brooklyn auxiliary bishop, Joseph Sullivan, is offering his perspective on how Catholics view gays and lesbians — and suggests it may be evolving. From the Buffalo News: One need only flip through some of today’s cable news channels to witness how some of our society’s most sensitive public policy matters are overly simplified [Read More...]

Presbyterians vote to ordain gays as ministers, elders and deacons

Details from the New York Times: The outcome is a reversal from only two years ago, when a majority of the church’s regions, known as presbyteries, voted against ordaining openly gay candidates. This time, 19 of the church’s 173 presbyteries switched their votes from no to yes in recent months. The Twin Cities presbytery, which [Read More...]