Praying for Geraldine

Above and beyond the lively debate about whether Geraldine Ferraro merits a Catholic funeral, I think we can all agree on this: God is merciful, and prayer can’t hurt.  That’s the gist of my column this week. From “All Things New”: Msgr. Peter Elliott, writing about the notion of purgatory, once offered another beautiful thought: [Read More...]

Quote of the day

“What are my sources of strength? My husband and my three kids [Donna, Laura and John Jr.], my health-care team, and my religion.  My desk drawer is filled with all kinds of prayers.” – Geraldine Ferraro, writing about her struggle with cancer, quoted here. [Read more...]

A Catholic funeral for Geraldine Ferraro? — UPDATED

A commenter raised the issue, citing the former congresswoman’s support for abortion rights, and declared: “Geraldine Ferraro should be denied a Catholic Mass with Catholic sacraments and yes, may God have mercy upon her soul.” Details about Ferraro’s funeral haven’t yet been released.  I presume it will be Catholic. (To those who have asked: no, [Read More...]

Geraldine Ferraro dies

One of the most famous — some would say, infamous — Catholic politicians of the last 30 years has died after a long battle with cancer.  For a time, she was a regular at my parish in Queens, and people still talk about rounding the corner in the grocery store and nearly crashing into her [Read More...]