Not PC: Universities ban “offensive” Halloween costumes

Details:  Several universities have recently admonished their students not to wear a variety of costumes for Halloween that could potentially offend people, frighten people, or reinforce stereotypes. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, for example, some students were warned against donning a Hannibal Lecter-inspired straightjacket costume because it’s offensive to people who struggle with a mental [Read More...]

Another casualty of Sandy: Halloween

Details: Communities along the East Coast are still reeling from the effects of Superstorm Sandy, and now officials in storm-ravaged areas have postponed Halloween festivities and trick-or-treating. Anticipating a long-term recovery effort, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie promised to reschedule Halloween if conditions do not improve by Wednesday evening. “If conditions are not safe on [Read More...]

Scaring the sin out of you: the Christian “haunted house” industry

Huffington Post takes a peek inside the Halloween phenomenon and introduces readers to the man behind it. Keenan Roberts didn’t invent the idea of scaring Christian youth into salvation, but he has done more than anyone else to turn it into an industry. For $299—and with the Denver-based pastor’s approval—you can build your own “Hell [Read More...]

Happy JesusWeen?

Really?  REALLY? Yep.  Check out the website. [Read more...]

Boo: on the commercialization of Halloween

For years, people have decried the commercialization of Christmas.  Now, it’s Halloween’s turn. A priest from Bakersfield, CA takes note of this phenomenon: The Roman Catholic Church in a sense baptized numerous customs of the cultures which were converted, as long as they were not in open conflict with the gospel and doctrines of the [Read More...]

Halloween for dummies

What happens when a dummy — a real one, not just a dumb one — goes trick-or-treating? Stuff like this. As the YouTube description notes: For a Halloween Prank we dressed up a 4 foot dummy to look like a trick or treater complete with bag of candy (and a hidden microphone). Then we went [Read More...]

Is your neighbor bugging you?

Be glad you don’t live next door to this guy in Riverside, CA.  He does this every year (check out last year’s spectacular, set to “Thriller.”). Me, I consider Halloween a success if I remember to buy enough candy corn.  But something like this?   I’m awestruck. [Read more...]