WH offers compromise on birth control for religious employers

Somehow, this slipped under the radar today: The Obama administration outlined a new compromise Friday aimed at shielding religious business owners and Christian universities and charities from the health law’s contraception-coverage requirements, but a chilly initial response from Roman Catholic bishops suggested the move wouldn’t assuage their concerns. Federal officials laid out fresh rules to [Read More...]

State of Alabama joins EWTN in new suit against HHS mandate

From Catholic News Agency:  EWTN Global Catholic Network has been joined by the state of Alabama in a new lawsuit against the Obama administration’s contraception and sterilization mandate. “EWTN has no other option but to continue our legal challenge to the mandate,” said chairman Michael P. Warsaw in an Oct. 28 statement announcing the suit. [Read More...]

Attorneys General urge HHS exemption for businesses

Hot on the heels of this item, about a deacon who won his case against the HHS mandate, comes this story from the Christian Post: A coalition of 13 attorneys general issued a collaborative letter to the Obama administration, urging it to provide exemptions to privately owned businesses under its Department of Health and Human [Read More...]

Judge rules that deacon’s company will not have to provide contraception coverage

Details:  Greg Hall is safe from government fines – for now. The Catholic deacon who owns American Manufacturing Company in St. Joseph has received a preliminary injunction protecting him from provisions in the Affordable Care Act. The injunction was issued Tuesday in the 8th Circuit of the federal district courts by U.S. District Court Judge [Read More...]

HHS mandate: the Cliff Notes version

Our own Frank Weathers has read the mandate so that you don’t have to! His summation is here. A highlight or two: I learned a few things by reading the whole thing. For instance, I learned that the actual rule proposed to the Code of Federal Regulations is 8 and a half pages long, not 80. [Read More...]

Victory: Priests for Life wins exemption from HHS mandate

Details:  A pro-life Catholic group has won a legal battle in court to get an exemption from having to comply with a federal Health and Human Services contraception mandate. The mandate compels some religious employers to pay for and refer employees for birth control, abortion-causing drugs and contraception in violation of employers’ religious beliefs. Last [Read More...]

Lawsuits challenging HHS mandate keep piling up

An overview, from the Washington newspaper The Hill:  Challenges to President Obama’s birth-control mandate are piling up in court. Twenty-four lawsuits have been filed against the federal birth-control mandate so far, mostly from religious groups that view the policy as a dangerous erosion of religious freedom. Foes of the mandate got a boost after Illinois-based [Read More...]

Michelle Obama makes the Catholic case against the HHS mandate?!

Well, Ed Morrissey thinks so — and  he’s got a point: In a speech today to a conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the First Lady explained her concept of citizenship by likening it to the ministry of Jesus.  Her explanation corroborates the same point that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops have been making [Read More...]

Religious leaders petition Sebelius for broader HHS exemption

Details, from RNS’s David Gibson: A coalition of nearly 150 religious leaders, led by conservative Protestants, have petitioned the Obama administration to broaden the exemption that allows churches and some religious organizations to avoid a controversial new mandate that all health care insurers provide free contraception coverage. In a letter sent Monday (June 11) to [Read More...]

Dolan: White House “strangling” Catholic church

He made the remarks this morning: The spat between Catholic leaders and the Obama administration over its contraception policies is heating up again, with one of the nation’s most prominent bishops charging that the White House is “strangling” the church over the matter. Archbishop Timothy Dolan told “CBS This Morning” Tuesday that the compromise reached [Read More...]