Hispanics becoming less Catholic

From the Washington Post:  A new poll finds that major changes in religious affiliation are underway among Hispanic Americans, who are becoming less Catholic and more evangelical and unaffiliated. The poll released Friday by the Public Religion Research Institute shows 53 percent of Hispanics identify as Catholic, compared with 69 percent who say they were raised [Read More...]

In Texas, Baptists seek to “address the spiritual questions of current and former Catholics”

From the Baptist Press via the Biblical Recorder:  As Hispanic populations across the United States, many of which are traditionally Catholic, continue to increase, so do opportunities for Southern Baptist churches to address the spiritual questions of current and former Catholics. Hispanics made up 38.1 percent of the population of Texas in 2011, the U.S. [Read More...]

More Latinos leaving Catholic Church for Evangelical churches

An explanation:  Alfredo De Jesus is a fire-and-brimstone preacher who represents a global groundswell of Hispanics who’ve left the Catholic Church to become Protestant Evangelical Christians. De Jesus pastors the New Life Church in Chicago, helping to expand it from 120 members in 2000 to over 17,000 today on multiple campuses. “In the Evangelical church, [Read More...]

Gallup: Catholic Hispanic population shrinking

Details: According to a new Gallup poll, young Latinos are shedding the Catholic faith of their parents and some are turning to Protestant alternatives with fervor. Most Hispanics are still Catholic, the poll found, but they are significantly less religious than their Protestant peers. And Hispanic Protestants are not only more religious, they’re far more religious [Read More...]

The Latinos who aren’t Catholic, but used to be

It’s a trend that bears watching: While the Catholic church is still the principal religion for Latinos, a growing number are bucking tradition and moving toward evangelism — particularly among the younger generation. “My mother is so Catholic,” said Jose Rosales, 55. “She tripped out when she found out. She and my aunt said, ‘Oh, [Read More...]