“Yes to You”: priest raps a poem about same sex attraction

And now for something completely different. Below is the latest effort at outreach by Courage, the Catholic ministry to gay men and women. It features Fr. Claude (Dusty) Burns aka Fr. Pontifex, with music by Sean Beeson. Excerpt: The same Church that says no when we fail to keep our sexual selves in check Is [Read More...]

Bishop: some benefits for gay couples are acceptable

The Bishop of Providence Rhode Island granted an interview to a local media outlet, and offered some thoughts about homosexual rights: In an exclusive interview, Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin said the Church is not opposed to granting some benefits and rights to gay couples—as long as the term marriage is not used. His statement—which [Read More...]

Bishop to gays: "The church is your home"

It happened in Mexico.  Details, from CNS: Celebrating Mass for participants in a diocesan-endorsed forum on sexual diversity, Bishop Raul Vera Lopez of Saltillo told gays and lesbians, “The church is your home. “Jesus founded the church to bring in those on the outside, for those suffering exclusion and rejection … so that they find [Read More...]

Report: Catholics more supportive of gay rights than other Christians

That news will probably raise a few eyebrows. Details: Catholics are more supportive of gay and lesbian rights than the general public and other Christians, according to a new report released today. The new report, which is the most comprehensive portrait of Catholic attitudes on gay and lesbian issues assembled to date, also finds that [Read More...]

A Catholic school stages a controversial play — and nothing happens

It happened in Manhattan recently. Details, from the New York Times: When Eric Ostrow was hired last year to teach drama at Xavier High School in Manhattan, as a newcomer he chose two impeccably innocuous shows for student productions. The first was a comedy, “Epic Proportions,” and then came the musical “Grease,” with its script [Read More...]