Whatsoever you do: homeless man lies dead on street for day, while people pass by and take pictures

Details:  A homeless man lay dead in a busy downtown Houston street for nearly a day as people took snaps of his corpse on their cellphones, cops say. The pantsless body of the vagrant, known as “Big Guy,” was left unattended on the corner of Travis and Anita streets for more than 20 hours Monday [Read More...]

Hope: here’s a place where Catholic schools are booming

Welcome to Houston.  Details:  Little by little, Allison Cogburn embroidered her classroom walls with bold, bright letters in shocks of red, green, blue and yellow, with posters reiterating punctuation rules and parts of speech. On a shelf by the windows, rows of books beckoned, a reminder of the learning to come. On a table near the door, [Read More...]

The Mormon who makes a joyful noise for Catholics

It took him two years, working in his living room, but he created a hand-crafted church organ that he plays every Sunday for a Catholic parish in Houston. Details: Ben Crandall gently lifted the hand-carved top off the cherry-wood organ and laid it to the side. He reached in and pulled two flutelike tubes from [Read More...]