Worth a thousand words

Spotted on a friend’s Facebook page: [Read more...]

For the feast of St. Francis: a "forest of Junipers"

From Fr. James Martin’s new book, “Between Heaven and Mirth,” comes this delightful anecdote about one of Francis’s most enthusiastic followers: Perhaps the most enjoyable of all the tales in the Franciscan annals concern the lovable Brother Juniper, whose lavish generosity constantly exasperated his Franciscan brothers.  Juniper, one of the early companions of Francis, thought [Read More...]

A Christmas card for our times

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Funniest joke?

The winner of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s Best Joke award, by Nick Helm: “I needed a password eight characters long, so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.” Are you in stitches yet? Read the other winners. [Read more...]

If God had a blog …

This has to make you smile. From the New Yorker, a funny glimpse at what God had to say after He created the world:  read it all. The comments are priceless. [Read more...]

What church geeks do on April 1st

Stuff like this. [Read more...]

Having BlackBerry trouble?

No problem!  Just watch. [Read more...]

Ladies and gentlemen: pants! They're amazing!

Just what the world has been waiting for! H/T The Concord Pastor [Read more...]

Oy: a PSA with a sense of humor

Need a laugh?  Check this out: As Fr. James Martin noted on his Facebook page: “Catholic Relief Services needs to get someone to do something like this for them.”  Amen!  (But if CRS could do something like this, Catholics would have invented the Borscht Belt…) Enjoy [Read more...]