The story behind the statue of Mary that survived the storm

It may be the iconic image of Hurricane Sandy — some have compared it to the “cross at Ground Zero” — and today’s New York Times has the story behind it:  At the corner of Oceanside Avenue and Gotham Walk, the house inherited by the elderly McNultys’ niece Regina after the couple died, is a [Read More...]

Churches cope with Sandy’s aftermath: “It’s an emotional overload”

From the New York Times, a rare look at how churches and congregations are also suddenly homeless because of Hurricane Sandy: Across the vast region hit by Hurricane Sandy, dozens of houses of worship are dealing with an extraordinary circumstance. Normally, their clergy members and lay leaders would be spending these weeks occupied with the [Read More...]

After Sandy, parish unites to save a couple’s wedding

I don’t know about you, but I could use a little good news about now.  Check this out, from the Trenton Monitor: Take one bride and groom whose plans for their special day intersected with the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, mix with a parish united in the desire to see them wed by candlelight despite [Read More...]

“After Good Friday, there’s Easter Sunday…”

The words of newly ordained Fr. Sean Suckiel sum up the hope and aspirations of the hard hit people of Breezy Point, Queens, still reeling from the effects of Sandy. This afternoon, Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio celebrated Mass for the community in a church without lights or heat.  Details: Nearly a week after seawater surged [Read More...]

“Love of God and love of neighbor are inseparable…”

“From God we learn to want only the good and never the bad. We learn to look at each other not only with our eyes, but with the eyes of God, which is the gaze of Jesus Christ. A gaze that starts from the heart and does not stop at the surface, that goes beyond [Read More...]

After Sandy: ways to help

A few readers have written from different corners of the country, wondering where and how they can give to help those devastated by last week’s storm. The best resource to help those in Brooklyn and Queens is Catholic Charities.  Visit their website — – and you’ll find a wealth of information and links: While [Read More...]

On Hurricane Sandy: “God sent the whirlwind. Thank God for righteous judgment”

We could see this coming, couldn’t we? Details: Hurricane Sandy continues to pummel the coastal Atlantic region as the historic “superstorm” makes its way up the East Coast. The death toll has risen to at least 65, and the damage may cost as much as $55 billion, but the Westboro Baptist Church is thanking God [Read More...]

The coming storm didn’t worry me until I saw this

Tape on the windows in the lobby of our building. From James Martin, S.J. at America: God of the Universe, at the dawn of creation, your Spirit breathed on the waters, making them the wellspring of all holiness. You created the oceans and rivers, and all that dwell within them, and at your word the [Read More...]