A pastor’s investment: give each parishioner $50—and a challenge

Photo: Dan Gross/The Gazette What a great idea:  It was like a collection basket in reverse. Instead of collecting money to help the church’s outreach programs, Pastor Anne Benefield of Geneva Presbyterian Church in Potomac put money and a challenge in the hands of her parishioners. At the end of her Sept. 8 sermon, each [Read More...]

One of the most inspired—and inspiring—fundraising efforts I’ve seen

Not sure how I missed this, but it’s a great story. It moved just before Thanksgiving: The Passage, a charity based in London, has come up with an ad campaign that proves how far a simple idea can go. Last year, the organization decided to have its volunteers stand in for the homeless at London’s Victoria station. [Read More...]

“TipsForJesus” leaving thousands of dollars for servers

Amazing, from NPR:  “Crazy-generous” tips, as Gawker says, have been showing up on checks across the nation as some anonymous good Samaritans known only as “TipsForJesus” add hundreds or thousands of dollars to their restaurant and bar bills. In South Bend, Ind., $10,000 was tacked on to the tab at Legends of Notre Dame on Oct. 19 — [Read More...]

Stop everything and read this. It will make your day. Really.

From Rebecca Frech at “Shoved to Them,” a testimony that will make you see everything differently: The older kids and I went to a different parish for Mass last night. The events of the day had run longer than expected, and by the time we realized it we were too late for the 5pm Mass. A [Read More...]

“God meddles in our miseries, he approaches our wounds and heals them with his hands”

Using that stunning picture from earlier in the week as a starting point, CNS has posted an overview of some memorable photographic moments with Pope Francis. Writer Carol Glatz makes note of something beautiful the pontiff said during a recent homily: “God meddles in our miseries, he approaches our wounds and heals them with his [Read More...]

Homeless man finds $40,000, turns it over to cops

And now he’s being hailed as a hero. Attention: preachers. Looking for a great story for next Sunday’s homily? Check out the readings and then try this on for size. Details:  A homeless Boston man who found $40,000 in a backpack has been hailed a hero — after he turned it all over to police. [Read More...]

Must-see video: making the homeless smile in NYC

This is pretty great:  A group of young Muslim YouTubers took a break from making prank videos to spread a message about giving to those in need, and it’s quickly becoming one of their most viral videos to date. The True Story ASA team — named for it’s three members: Adam Saleh, Sheikh Akbar and Abdullah Ghuman [Read More...]

Beautiful: watch this extraordinary teacher set his class on fire

This video is making the rounds once more. Since it’s back-to-school time, this seems like a great opportunity to meet, once more, a great teacher. I first posted this video last December.   As I wrote back then:  Here is love, pure love.  Parental advisory: keep a Kleenex nearby and be prepared to hug your [Read More...]

“Mend a Quarrel:” A Message of Mercy We Need to Hear

Over at the CNEWA blog, (where I toil as part of my day job) there’s a heartfelt remembrance of a Mercy Sister, Christian Molidor, who worked for the agency for many years.  She died yesterday after a long illness. The piece quotes Sister Christian’s final e-mail, sent to her friends when she retired a couple [Read More...]

Inspired by Pope, Boy Donates First Communion Money to Charity

Details from Allentown, PA: A young boy from Lehigh County is practicing what he preaches. Alex Trinidad, 8, recently celebrated his First Holy Communion. Family and friends gave him money for the occasion. Alex turned around and gave it to people in need. The elementary student donated $465 to the Ecumenical Kitchen in Allentown. “I [Read More...]