Japanese bishops respond to Vatican survey, saying Church “often falls short”

From NCR:  Japan’s bishops have publicly responded to a Vatican survey of global Catholics’ views on family issues, stating bluntly that church teachings are not known in their country and the Vatican’s Europe-centric view hampers efforts at evangelization in places where Catholics represent a small minority of the population. In a sometimes pointed 15-page report [Read More...]

In Japan, nun helps rescue animals after disaster

Who knew?  Here’s a great story about a sister exercising a unique ministry to the survivors in Japan — some of them, the four-legged variety: Sister Michael Marie spent nearly two weeks in Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami March 11, helping pet owners and farm owners cope and find hope amid the despair. [Read More...]

The Fukushima 50

While the world watches the misery continue to unfold in Japan, I can’t help but be moved by the actions of a brave band of workers, all anonymous, struggling to keep one corner of Asia and the Pacific from nuclear disaster — and doing so at enormous personal cost. From the New York Times: A [Read More...]

"He can help us from heaven": Quebec missionary priest killed in quake

Here is just one story, out of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, that are emerging from the devastated rubble of Japan. From CTV in Canada: A Catholic priest from Quebec has been found among the dead in Japan after an earthquake and tsunami rocked the country. Father Andre Lachapelle, a 76-year-old missionary from Saint-Jacques-de-Montcalm, near [Read More...]

Homily for March 13, 2011: 1st Sunday of Lent

Friday morning, when I clicked on my computer at home, I was stunned, like a lot of people, to see the images and video from Japan. Within hours after it happened, almost instantaneously, hundreds if not thousands of pictures and videos had been loaded onto the Internet, many from cell phone cameras, capturing this disaster [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words: the tsunami strikes

From Japan this morning: Our Lady of Akita, pray for us. [Read more...]