Catholic Church Praises “Breakdancing Jesus” Mural in England

Details: A new 30-ft piece of street art depicting Jesus breakdancing has attracted praise – from the Catholic church. A spokesperson for the Diocese of Clifton said the new piece should “get people talking about religion” in Bristol. The giant mural, painted next to The Canteen – a Stokes Croft diner part-owned by Bristol mayor [Read More...]

Jesus, As You’ve Never Seen Him Before: An Amazing Blend of Classic Art and Photoshop

Details: French photographer Léo Caillard visualized this project which brings a little modern flair to some perfectly sculpted, centuries-old masterpieces. To create this project called Street Stone, Caillard first photographed the statues and then he photographed his friends in similar poses, wearing selected trendy outfits. Using digital manipulation, and with some photo retouching assistance from French [Read More...]

The baptism of Jesus: “an act of radical identification with humanity”

On his Facebook page, Father James Martin, S.J., offers a snippet from his forthcoming book about Jesus: Why does Jesus feel the need to be baptized? Let’s see what the Gospels have to say. In Mark’s Gospel, he simply does it–sans explanation. Jesus “came from Nazareth in Galilee” and, upon his baptism, he saw the [Read More...]