How understanding Latin led reporter to the scoop of a lifetime

From AFP:  An Italian journalist who beat the world’s media on Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to resign got the scoop on the utterly unexpected news thanks to her knowledge of Latin. “Our Vatican expert, Giovanna Chirri, was listening to the Pope’s speech,” the ANSA news agency’s head of information Luigi Contu told AFP. “At one [Read More...]

Vatican official praises media for helping uncover sex abuse scandal

From the BBC:  The Vatican official charged with prosecuting sexual crimes has acknowledged that the US media helped the Church confront the abuse scandal. Father Robert Oliver, a lawyer from Boston, was speaking after being named as the Vatican’s “Promoter of Justice”. Officials said about 600 cases of abuse – most of which took place [Read More...]

Great moments in journalism: the New York Times just gives up and lets a PR firm run things

A one-time giant in journalism gets caught with its pants down.  It’s not pretty. From Get Religion’s Mollie Hemingway, who did a little digging into a prominent sidebar the Times ran on the March for Life.  The sidebar focused on a letter sent by 60 presumably prominent Catholics, “saying that if marchers and politicians truly [Read More...]

National Catholic Reporter responds to Bishop Finn: “NCR is proud to call itself a Catholic publication”

After Friday’s column, in which Kansas City’s Bishop Robert Finn accused it of undermining church teaching, the National Catholic Reporter posted a response on its website Sunday: Finn seems to  imply NCR has had bad relations with its local bishops since 1968. This has not been the case.  Bishop Helmsing’s successors – Bishop John Sullivan and Bishop Raymond Boland [Read More...]

Bishop Finn takes aim at the National Catholic Reporter—UPDATED

In his diocesan paper, Bishop Robert W. Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph raises questions about NCR: I am very proud of the work of our diocesan Catholic paper, The Catholic Key, our writers, and all involved with its production for the conscientious manner in which they use the paper to teach Catholic doctrine, to provide trustworthy [Read More...]

Condoleeza Rice joins CBS News

Quite a coup for the network: Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has joined CBS News as a contributor — just in time for inauguration coverage. Rice, who served as secretary of state during President George W. Bush’s second term, made her debut on the network’s “Face the Nation” program Sunday and will be included in inauguration [Read More...]

Deja vu: the Atlantic, Scientology, and a classic letter by E.B. White

Today, the Atlantic announced it was pulling an “advertorial” singing the praises of the Church of Scientology.  Slate has details: The sponsored content drew the attention—and ire—of both reporters and readers, and no doubt sparked an untold number of newsroom conversations about the ethics and optics of such revenue-generating efforts. In place of the the [Read More...]

Great moments in journalism: Let is snow!

God bless ‘em: Read all about it. Or maybe…red all about is? [Read more...]

Great moments in journalism: how the NY Times bungled the Newtown story

After surveying some of the mistakes in the Times’s early coverage of the tragedy, the paper’s new public editor gives the coverage a long-overdue thrashing: On the first day, The Times reported on its Web site that the gunman was Ryan Lanza, attributing that information to other news organizations. It was actually his brother, Adam [Read More...]

National Catholic Reporter endorses women priests—UPDATED

But somehow, this doesn’t surprise me. How much longer until the name becomes the National Christian Reporter? Details:  In an editorial published Monday morning, a prominent Catholic newspaper endorsed the controversial movement to ordain women priests. Calling the priesthood a “gift from God … rooted in baptism,” the National Catholic Reporter says that “barring women from ordination [Read More...]