Great moments in journalism: MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell interrupts congresswoman to report on Justin Bieber

You can’t make this stuff up. [Read more...]

Justin and Jesus, or "Leave It To Bieber"

I confess: I missed the Teen Choice Awards Sunday. But an author working on a book about Justin Bieber (whose mother is Catholic and whose childhood reportedly included Catholic schooling in Canada) did see the show, and notes the following: When Justin Bieber strode onto the stage of the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on [Read More...]

Looking for someone to pray for? How about Justin Bieber?

That’s the request from his mother, who is promoting his new movie and talking about her famous son’s Catholic upbringing and faith. From Catholic Online: Stardom came to Bieber when he posted a song for his grandmother on the video Web site YouTube. Mallette says she had no idea that the video of Justin singing [Read More...]