Out of Kansas: One Man’s Journey from Rastafarian to Orthodox Deacon

And now for something completely different:  He’s been called Muslim, Jewish, a Zen master, even Osama bin Laden. Oftentimes people are just puzzled: What is that guy? Michael Wilson, who has worked at Lawrence’s Liberty Hall for more than two decades, has a long beard that grays the further it grows away from his face [Read More...]

“The Most Compelling Modern Story of Faith That I Know Of…”

A great story of a group of sisters setting out to build a Catholic community in Kansas, from the Wichita Eagle:  It was on faith that the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Wichita broke from their California order and came to Wichita in 1976, and it’s on faith that they’re now endeavoring [Read More...]

Kansas Senate candidate: Catholics should not be Democrats

Details: Steve Fitzgerald, a Republican candidate for the Kansas state Senate, is defending his comments last week that Democrats should not be Catholics, saying was trying to tell a Catholic group in Kansas City about the need for the Democratic Party to change. Fitzgerald, who is challenging state Sen. Kelly Kultala (D-Kansas City), said he [Read More...]

Off the farm and into the convent: “This feels natural. I like it here.”

An uplifting vocation story from Kansas: Last year at this time, 22-year-old Annie Stuhlsatz and the older siblings in her family were planning to dye Easter eggs and hide them in baskets of grass and green wheat gathered from the fields around their small farm in the shadow of St. Mary Aleppo Church. On Easter [Read More...]