Cardinal O’Malley explains the pope’s silence on abortion

From National Catholic Reporter:  Pope Francis has not mentioned traditional hot-button Catholic issues like abortion because he prefers to emphasize that Catholics “love people” and are not “mean or old-fashioned,” Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley has said. O’Malley, the only North American Francis asked to serve on a group of eight cardinals advising him on reforming [Read More...]

"In Catholic thinking, the right to immigration is a 'natural right'…"

“In Catholic thinking, the right to immigration is a ‘natural right.’ That means it is universal and inalienable. But it is not absolute. Immigrants are obliged to respect and abide by the laws and traditions of the countries they come to reside in. Catholic teaching also recognizes the sovereignty of nations to secure their borders [Read More...]

Knights will bring new day to JP II Center

The troubled museum in Washington, previously owned by the Archdiocese of Detroit, will soon have new owners. From the Washington Post: After losing millions of dollars over a decade, a museum and think tank in Northeast Washington that was built to honor Pope John Paul II has found a buyer that hopes the center will [Read More...]

"When people deride their bishops and priests, they undermine the Church…"

“Bishops, priests, and deacons are too often weak and sinful. They need to be held to high standards. Some deserve to be chastised. The clergy’s leadership in the Church should always be marked by humility and service, and never by a sense of entitlement. But men and women didn’t found the Church, they don’t own [Read More...]