Pope on Lebanon trip: “I continue to accompany those beloved people in prayer”

“Dear friends, the days spent in Lebanon were a wonderful manifestation of faith and religious feeling and a prophetic sign of peace. The multitude of believers from the entire Middle East, had the opportunity to reflect, to talk and especially to pray together, renewing their commitment to root their lives in Christ. I am sure [Read More...]

From Lebanon: deacon at work

From the Vatican website: A Melkite Greek Catholic deacon presents the Gospel Book to be venerated by Pope Benedict in Lebanon. [Read more...]

In Lebanon, pope issues call for religious freedom in Middle East

It couldn’t be a more timely or urgent declaration. Details: Pope Benedict XVI presented a major document calling on Catholics in the Middle East to engage in dialogue with Orthodox, Jewish and Muslim neighbors, but also to affirm and defend their right to live freely in the region where Christianity was born. In a ceremony [Read More...]

Desert days

Since we often consider Lent to be time spent in the desert, it’s instructive to read what it’s really like to live in a land blighted by drought. Journalist Don Duncan reflects on life in Lebanon.  Think Lent is hard?  Think again: Within a few weeks of my initial move, the hot summer season was [Read More...]

Quote of the day

“The so-called ‘Arab Spring’ sweeping the Middle East holds much promise, yet we must remain vigilant.  The Church abhors the use of violence to meet any goal.  Violence can never be justified.  We want to see a Middle East renewed in its respect of human rights and dignity, especially for her minorities.  We want to [Read More...]