One of a kind: meet the WYD pilgrim from China

Check this out: The final Mass of World Youth Day was a sea of national flags. In the million-strong crowd, however, it was hard to find one particular flag – China. That’s until CNA bumped into Thomas Zeng. “This week has been absolutely fascinating,” said the university student who’s traveled all the way from Shanghai [Read More...]

"My heart was racing, like, majorly…!"

That’s one Maryland pilgrim’s excited response to seeing the pope up close and personal at World Youth Day. What was it like?  She tells us: [Read more...]

"Be afraid neither of the world, nor of the future, nor of your weakness…"

“Yes, dear friends, God loves us. This is the great truth of our life; it is what makes everything else meaningful. We are not the product of blind chance or absurdity; instead our life originates as part of a loving plan of God. To abide in his love, then, means living a life rooted in [Read More...]

Caught on tape: riot police clash with anti-pope protesters in Madrid

Details, from AFP: Spanish riot police clashed for a second night with protesters as Pope Benedict XVI’s lavish visit inspired a rapturous reception from pilgrims but deep resentment over the costs. Anti-riot police late Thursday swung batons to disperse about 150 protesters, seething over the scale of the party, who had gathered in the central [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words, WYD edition

Pilgrims at World Youth Day in Madrid get a peek at the pope. H/T Catholic Vote [Read more...]

Awesome: 26 years of World Youth Day

A thrilling new video, from the wizards at Grassroots Films, who gave us “Fishers of Men.” A quarter century in two minutes.  And it’s just great. [Read more...]

Behold: a cathedral made of junk

Incredible, but true. The church above is made entirely of discarded materials, and built mostly by just one man. Details, from the BBC: It’s the sheer size of the structure that first strikes you. Almost 40 metres (131ft) tall, its spires and giant dome tower over the surrounding apartment blocks in this Madrid suburb. That’s [Read More...]