Church confronts the “silent schism” of divorced and remarried Catholics

From Vatican Insider:  Shock declarations, such as the ones contained in the document issued by the Diocese of Freiburg which offers recommendations on communion for remarried divorcees end up complicating rather than facilitating reflection on the issue. Pope Francis’ intention is for this issue to be discussed at an Extraordinary Synod in October 2014. The Synod [Read More...]

Canon law experts discuss Church teaching on divorce, remarriage and communion

From Catholic News Service:    Recent remarks by Pope Francis about the need for a stronger pastoral approach to marriage and divorced couples, do not signal the church is overturning its laws or practice of denying communion to Catholics who divorce and remarry, said two canon law experts. When Pope Francis made parenthetical reference to [Read More...]

A groom on the morning of his wedding: “It will all be a gift”

This guy understands that finding the love of your life is an answer to a prayer:   So I’m getting married today. It’s about 1:00am and, as I imagine most soon-to-be grooms experience, I’m having trouble sleeping. In about thirteen hours, Jackie Francois will be walking down the aisle towards me—me, a bum from Florida. [Read More...]

VIDEO: Bride Tosses Bouquet from Human Slingshot

You can’t make this stuff up. Just watch. [Read more...]

“The Craziest Priest in Italy” Performs During Wedding Ceremony

Well, the Anglicans have their musical quirks—and so, it seems, do we Catholics. From HuffPo:  The Rev. Bruno Maggioni is making a name for himself in Italy, but it’s not for his rousing sermons. Maggioni has begun to garner quite the following for his wedding theatrics, singing and dancing his way through ceremonies in the Italian town [Read More...]

Everybody Dance Now: Disco Flash Mob at Church Wedding

You have to see this to believe it. I think it’s safe to say that wedding flash mobs have now officially jumped the shark. And it seems it was the minister’s idea.  From HuffPo:  One English couple didn’t wait until their wedding reception to start dancing — they got their groove on in the middle [Read More...]

Where Can Catholics Renew Wedding Vows?

A reader writes:  I belong to a wonderful parish in GA about 20 minutes outside Savannah, GA.  I would so love to renew our vows for our 40th wedding anniversary, but my husband, [who is not Catholic] will not consent to doing this in church by my priest (even though he was married in the [Read More...]

Are Expensive Weddings Hurting Marriage?

Some are making the argument that, when it comes to the big day itself, less is more:  Noting the sharply increasing costs of weddings, marriage advocates have begun to urge couples to be less extravagant in their nuptial celebrations for the good of their relationships. “We ran a survey early this year with a law [Read More...]

Bucket List with a Difference: Dying Wife Leaves Behind Goals for Her Husband After She’s Gone

And it included a trip to Lourdes. Details: When Nicola Murray was told she had just two weeks to live, she made her husband George a list of things she wanted him to promise he would do. Nicola, 34, who had a rare hereditary gene that caused her to develop cancer, wanted him to help [Read More...]

A New Trend for “Unplugged” Weddings

From the New York Times: The attendant was stationed at the front door of my friend Michael’s wedding. “The ceremony is in the chapel,” she said to the arriving guests. “The ragtime band will be playing in the courtyard. The mini-cheeseburgers and lobster rolls will be served under the tent. “Now, would you please hand [Read More...]