John Allen writes about his move to The Boston Globe

From NCR today:  Primarily, I’ll be doing the same reporting and analysis I’ve always done, but I’ll also be helping theGlobe ramp up its overall Catholic coverage. One footnote in response to a question some have asked: I won’t be moving to Boston but will continue to divide my year among Rome, Denver, and road trips [Read More...]

NY Times: Pope “off script”

Well, that’s one way to put it. Their headline: Pope, Off Script, Nods to Atheists In Holiday Call For World Peace. The story: Pope Francis used the first Christmas address of his papacy on Wednesday to make a broad call for global peace and an end to violence in Syria and parts of Africa, urging [Read More...]

Now THIS is a great commercial

It’s popping up around Europe, evidently, and this website tells the story of how a quintessentially Irish ad was made by some New Yorkers. For those who are Irish, or who just love great storytelling, this video shows how it is done with style, taste and a wee bit of wit. [Read more...]

Rome seminary offers class on “Media Training for Priests”

From Catholic News Agency:  In an effort to equip future priests to better encounter the mass media, one seminary in Rome now provides a hands-on workshop in social communications. “We need to be part of the world-wide conversation that is happening on social issues, on religion, on faith – and we can do that by [Read More...]

“Staring into a mirror, not looking out a window…”

That describes what is happening increasingly in our culture, particularly in our use and consumption of media. We get our news from sources that reinforce our worldview, and then we share it with like-minded people on social media, who just reaffirm what we think we already know to be true. It’s unhealthy—and, I think, dangerous. [Read More...]

Tattooed Jesus: “By his stripes we are healed…”

This billboard is turning a few heads in Texas:  A billboard showing a tattooed Jesus Christ has stirred up quite a bit of buzz in the heart of the Bible Belt. The ad, which is the work of the website, popped up along a West Lubbock, Texas, highway, and it’s got people talking. It [Read More...]

The Christmas billboard war begins early

It looks like everybody is getting a jump on the season this year. From the New York Times:  If the evangelical organization Answers in Genesis was looking to take its message to a secular audience, it would be hard to do better than the heart of Times Square at noon on Monday. Wedged amid an advertisement urging [Read More...]

Papal interviews are “a genre to which we are not accustomed”

From Catholic News Service:  When Pope Benedict XVI answered a journalist’s 2010 question about condom use by offering a nuanced reflection on the ethical complexities of a hypothetical case, his words led to a worldwide media sensation, a clarification by the Vatican spokesman, and a statement from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith [Read More...]

Priest blesses smartphones, tablets

It happened in France:  A French priest in Nice, south-eastern France, this weekend blessed his flock’s smartphones and tablet computers in a service that he stated “embraced the realities of modern life”. Rather than complain about the occasional 21st century interruption of a bleeping mobile disturbing his congregation’s Christian meditation, Father Gil Florini told FRANCE [Read More...]

“Encounter” to be theme of next World Communications Day

Not that surprising, since Pope Francis mentions that idea often (and he’s no slouch at Close Encounters of the Pope Kind, as shown above.) Details:  As Pope Francis continues to talk about the importance of authentic encounters, both with God and with other people, he has chosen the topic of bringing people together for his [Read More...]