ESPN viewer: “Tony Rially has black ink smirred across his forehead…”

Ash Wednesday still befuddles some people (and, evidently, offers a few spelling challenges.)  The headline comes from Twitter, and reaction to the image above, seen yesterday on countless TV screens. The website Deadspin notes: For years, Around The Horn host Tony Reali has proudly worn the mark of Ash Wednesday upon his forehead while hosting that day’s [Read More...]

Leo Burnett ad agency travels to Spain to have new website blessed

This may be a first.  The Brussels office of one of the largest and most famous ad agencies in the world took the unusual step of going to Seville to have its new website (on a mobile server) blessed by the archbishop, and to ask the intercession of St. Isidore, the patron of the Internet. [Read More...]

It’s come to this: dad pays teenage daughter $200 to quit Facebook

A writer at CNET takes note: If there’s one thing young people truly understand, it’s bribery. From their very formative years, parents bribed them to keep quiet, behave, wear appropriate clothing — even, sometimes, desist from using rude words. So it might seem utterly canny of Paul Baier, the vice president of a Massachusetts energy [Read More...]

Meeting Paul Harvey

Those who loved the Dodge RAM/Paul Harvey Super Bowl ad — “So God made a farmer”—will appreciate this remembrance of the great radio personality by another great radio personality, Larry McCoy.  Larry hired me as a writer when he was the News Director of CBS Radio back in the 1980′s.  He posted the following on [Read More...]

With “Catholic Journal,” a deacon wades into the web

From Michigan Catholic:  Deacon Kurt Godfryd’s venture into Internet blogging has grown rapidly from a simple place to post his own homilies to a multi-faceted website for Catholic writers. “Sometimes, people come up to you after Mass, and ask if they can get a copy of your homily, and I was told the easiest way [Read More...]

EWTN announces anchor for daily news show

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  Say so long soon to Colleen Carroll Campbell, former Post-Dispatch staffer, who is moving to Washington to anchor a daily program on EWTN. Campbell will be moving from Kirkwood for the new assignment. The show — logically labeled “EWTN Daily News with Colleen Carol Campbell” — is slated to debut June 3. “We’re hoping the [Read More...]

Bishop Finn takes aim at the National Catholic Reporter—UPDATED

In his diocesan paper, Bishop Robert W. Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph raises questions about NCR: I am very proud of the work of our diocesan Catholic paper, The Catholic Key, our writers, and all involved with its production for the conscientious manner in which they use the paper to teach Catholic doctrine, to provide trustworthy [Read More...]

Holy Father? There’s an app for that

Our tweeting pontiff is delving deeper into the world of social media and modern technology, and now can be as close as your iPhone. From CNS:  The Vatican launched a new “Pope App” on the eve of the release of the pope’sWorld Communications Day message, which will be dedicated to social networks as important spaces [Read More...]

Condoleeza Rice joins CBS News

Quite a coup for the network: Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has joined CBS News as a contributor — just in time for inauguration coverage. Rice, who served as secretary of state during President George W. Bush’s second term, made her debut on the network’s “Face the Nation” program Sunday and will be included in inauguration [Read More...]

Someone alert George Jetson: amazing device projects a computer keyboard onto any flat surface

Wow.  Just wow:  Smartphone and tablet users who want a full-sized keyboard without carrying one around may want to check out a device called the Magic Cube. Demoed by manufacturer Celluon at CES this week, the Magic Cube displays a full keyboard and a multi-touch mouse on just about any flat surface. The virtual keyboard and mouse appear as [Read More...]