Swords into plowshares: Catholic church taking over building used by Michigan abortion clinic

Details:  A Catholic church will soon “take over” the space currently being rented by the last free-standing abortion clinic in Lansing, the Lansing Diocese announced this week. Bishop Earl Boyea authorized the Church of the Resurrection, located at 1531 East Michigan Avenue, to lease the 4,100-square-foot office space at 1601 E. Grand River. The church [Read More...]

Tabernacle stolen from Michigan church

Details:  Detectives from the state police post in Mt. Pleasant are looking for information in the theft of a Tabernacle from a church in Isabella County. A Tabernacle, which holds communion wafers, was stolen from St. Charles Of Leaton Catholic Church Friday, state police Detective Sgt. Gary Green said. In the church, the Tabernacle, which [Read More...]

Best love letter. To Michigan. Ever.

I’ve never even been to Michigan, and I’m in love with it. Check out this delightful sing-a-long video produced to promote the state, shot in 50 cities with a gazillion or so people and a whole lotta heart. (And get a load of the altar servers!) [Read more...]

Best version of "American Pie." Ever. Really. You gotta see this.

In a fit of incredible civic pride, the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan got 5,000 residents to record this amazing video — a “lip dub” that itself has been dubbed “The Greatest Music Video Ever Made.” I don’t know about that, but it’s a big 9-minute-long grin.  And it may go down in video history [Read More...]