The singing nuns: sisters release followup to their blockbuster album

Will wonders never cease?  Details from the AP:  Eight times a day, a group of nuns files into a chapel in their rural northwest Missouri monastery to chant and worship. Quite unexpectedly, this private, prayerful pursuit has made the Benedictines of Mary a chart-topping recording industry curiosity. After being named Billboard’s No. 1 Classical Traditional [Read More...]

Missouri Monastery to Become a Home for Expectant Mothers

Details:  A former monastery for Catholic nuns is preparing for new life.  It will now become home to Life House Crisis Maternity Home, which has partnered with Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri. For more than forty years, it was a quiet place of prayer.  “They were here praying, praying for all of us in southern [Read More...]

Inspiration: homeless head to Joplin to lend a hand

In a remarkable move co-sponsored by the Catholic Action Center, people who have next-to-nothing are going to Missouri to help those who have even less. Details: A dozen Kentucky volunteers who know what it’s like to lose everything are joining the relief effort in tornado-stricken Missouri. The volunteers are from a homeless shelter in Lexington, [Read More...]