A Muslim woman who plays soccer in Utah?!

How cool is that? Details: Serene Kergaye’s religion is important to her — so important that she wears a headscarf, long sleeves and long pants even when she’s on the soccer field at Cottonwood High School. Kergaye is Muslim, and the monochromatic clothes she wears under her uniform during games don’t bother her one bit. [Read More...]

Report: treatment of Muslims today similar to Catholics and Mormons of 19th century

A new study finds that many Americans remain uncomfortable with Islam and believe its teachings are at odds with American values — which, ironically, echoes in some ways how Americans felt about Catholics a century or so ago. Details from CNS: Slim majorities of the people polled this summer by the Public Religion Research Institute [Read More...]

Leaps of faith: Christians and Jews reaching out to Muslims after 9/11

It’s a phenomenon that cropped up shortly after the terror attacks, and the New York Times looks at how it has played out in some communities: When Betsy Wiggins opened her front door and saw the woman in a full black face veil coming up her flower-lined walkway, she wondered if she had done the [Read More...]

Quote of the day, on freedom of religion

“Those who are adherents to Islam are entitled to pursue their worship in the United States just as are those who are adherents to more universally established faiths (in our community)…We have a duty equally to treat those whose religious beliefs are similar to the majority beliefs and to those whose beliefs are very different [Read More...]

Happy Eid

As Ramadan ends, this video below is making the rounds, courtesy a group called My Fellow American: My Fellow American is an online film and social media project that calls upon concerned Americans to pledge and spread a message that Muslims are our fellow Americans. It asks people of other backgrounds to pledge, and share [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words

A man inspects bloodstained copies of the Koran a day after a blast occurred inside Umm al-Qura mosque in Baghdad’s Ghazaliya district August 29, 2011. Details: A suicide bomber posing as a beggar detonated his explosives inside a major Baghdad Sunni mosque on Sunday, killing at least 24 people, including an Iraqi lawmaker, just as [Read More...]

Nevermind: Catholic school won't host Ramadan dinner

But it will take place at another location, according to reports out of Cincinnati: Mother of Mercy, a Catholic girls high school, complied with a request from Archbishop Dennis Schnurr and backed out of hosting an interfaith Ramadan dinner at the school Friday night. Instead, the dinner will be held in the Catholic Center at [Read More...]

Vatican message to Muslims: "We are spiritually very close to you…"

The traditional message for the conclusion of Ramadan this year includes a plea for peace and an end to fanatacism. Excerpt: Christians and Muslims, beyond their differences, recognise the dignity of the human person endowed with both rights and duties. They think that intelligence and freedom are indeed gifts which must impel believers to recognize these values [Read More...]

Catholic teenager fasts for Ramadan

Surprised? Read all about it: For a month last year, Jordan Pahl, 16 at the time, awoke each day before sunrise. She dragged herself out of bed at 4 a.m., trudged down the stairs and grabbed an apple or yogurt out of the refrigerator. It was to be her last bit of sustenance before nightfall. [Read More...]

Priest cancels planned reading of Quran during mass

It made headlines and sparked a firestorm of controversy when the news broke last week.  Now, the event has been scrapped: A plan to allow for the reading of the Quran from the pulpit during a Mass at St. Peter Church in Charlotte June 26 has been canceled, with an interfaith dialogue planned for October [Read More...]