Report: Methodist Mandela received communion from Catholic priest while in prison

Details:  Nelson Mandela regularly received Communion from a Catholic priest while he was a prisoner on Robben Island,The Tablet has learnt. The anti-apartheid campaigner, who died last Thursday, attended Mass and received Communion from a Jesuit chaplain, although he was raised and registered as a Methodist, the provincial of the Jesuits in East Africa said. Writing [Read More...]

What does Pope Francis have in common with Nelson Mandela?

I think it’s a compelling quality of leadership—and style of leadership— that is exceedingly rare. Writing about Nelson Mandela yesterday, Thomas Friedman touched on some themes that I think have echoes in Pope Francis: Mandela had an extraordinary amount of “moral authority.” Why? And how did he get it? One way leaders generate moral authority [Read More...]

Pope Francis on Nelson Mandela: “I pray his example will inspire generations…”

From the Vatican:  Pope Francis on Friday paid tribute to Nelson Mandela expressing his hope that the late President’s example will inspire generations of South Africans to put justice and common good at the forefront of their political aspirations. The Pope’s words came in a telegramme of condolences that he sent to the South African [Read More...]