The schuss of the fisherman: bringing Mass to skiers in upstate New York

Photo: Robert Kirkham / Buffalo News From The Buffalo News:  It’s Sunday morning and, beneath a fluffy blanket of snow, the slopes are beckoning. What’s a good Catholic to do? Attend morning Mass at your hometown parish and sacrifice the heavenly thrill of carving first tracks? Or head straight for the hills, promising yourself that [Read More...]

Trim the tree, then clean your soul

Earlier in the week, I suggested some ways that those of us who spend a lot of time online could examine our consciences. Now comes the perfect opportunity to take the next step and go to confession. The Archdiocese of New York is hosting “Reconciliation Monday” next week, with confession at all the parishes.  They [Read More...]

A new church will rise at Ground Zero

Details were first reported in The New York Times:  A gleaming, monumental and unmistakable symbol of Orthodox Christianity would rise at the south end of the National September 11 Memorial under plans drawn up for the new St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. The original St. Nicholas Church was crushed on Sept. 11, 2001, when the [Read More...]

Something Cool: Time Lapse Video Shows Restoration of St. Patrick’s

A brief glimpse at some of the ambitious work now underway in midtown Manhattan, restoring one of the most famous churches in America. Take a look. [Read more...]

Archdiocese of New York Hires Outside Organization to Run Schools

Details:  In an unprecedented move, the Archdiocese of New York is trying to save six cash-strapped elementary schools by allowing an outside organization to run them. The Partnership for Inner-City Education — which has a history of working with city Catholic schools — is contracting with the archdiocese to manage the finances and oversee the [Read More...]

Fr. George Rutler Reassigned

The well-known priest—an Episcopal convert, staunch traditionalist and a familiar fixture on EWTN—is leaving the parish he’s pastored for nearly a dozen years. Rutler broke the news in his parish bulletin:  Writing a weekly message to you is a challenge even under ordinary circumstances, because the cruel regimen of the printer requires that it be [Read More...]

Report: 60% of teen pregnancies in New York end in abortion

Details:  New York has the highest teen abortion rate in the country, but per capita pregnancy and abortion rates among 15- to 19-year-olds have steadily declined over the last two decades, according to a report this week. Excluding miscarriages, nearly 60 percent of pregnancies among 15- to 19-year-olds in New York end in abortion, according [Read More...]

Making all things new: how a Manhattan church was saved

A heartening story from this morning’s New York Times:  For more than 160 years, St. Brigid’s Roman Catholic Church has borne witness as transformation after transformation has cascaded through the Lower East Side. Yet conflict, drama and wrenching change occurred within its walls, too: In the church founded by Irish immigrants who fled the famine [Read More...]

Crime wave hits New York churches

From the New York Daily News:  Is nothing sacred? Priests at some Bronx churches have seen an uptick in crimes inside and around their houses of worship. Purses are stolen from pews during Communion. Cars parked outside get broken into during Mass. “It’s very sad,” said Rev. Francis Skelly of Immaculate Conception Church in Melrose. [Read More...]

Sweeping new abortion bill in New York: “It defies common sense”

Last week, Cardinal Timothy Dolan raised his objections to proposed abortion legislation in New York.  Now the state Catholic Conference has issued a point-by-point memo that makes clear how extreme Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposal really is.  The memo below comes from the conference website.  +++ Re:      The Abortion Expansion Bill “In relation to revising [Read More...]