Report: NY Catholic institutions have been offering contraception coverage for years

From the New York Times: Although Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York has been leading the national fight against requiring Roman Catholic hospitals, universities and charities to cover birth control in their health insurance plans for employees and students, some Catholic institutions in his own diocese and others throughout New York State have for [Read More...]

Cardinal Egan takes back apology for abuse: “I don’t think we did anything wrong”

He made his remarks in an interview with a Connecticut magazine, and it’s set off a firestorm: In 2002, at the height of the outcry over the sexual abuse of minors by Roman Catholic priests, the Archbishop of New York, Edward M. Egan, issued a letter to be read at Mass. In it, he offered an apology [Read More...]

“Paul wants to be a deacon”

And he became one.  From Staten Island, the story of one deacon’s journey to ordination: When Paul J. Kosinski‘s third-grade teacher, Sister Perpetua, discussed the Catholic church’s seven sacraments, he predicted, “I’ll receive them all” — unlikely, since mutually exclusive marriage and the priesthood are among them. But 47 years later, Paul has achieved his [Read More...]

Slim Tim: Doctor reveals that heavyweight church leader is on a diet

And he’s hoping the cardinal-designate will soon be a lesser man.  Details: Weight-loss guru Dr. Howard Shapiro tells us that Dolan, 61, has dropped approximately 25 pounds since he became a patient at his upper East Side practice in February 2011, and, he adds, he’d like to see the holy man double that figure in [Read More...]

Quote of the day, from Dolan

“Yes, I am honored, humbled, and grateful, …but, let’s be frank: this is not about Timothy Dolan; this is an honor from the Holy Father to the Archdiocese of New York, and to all our cherished friends and neighbors who call this great community home. It’s as if Pope Benedict is putting the red hat [Read More...]

Another sign of Christmas: billboards from atheists

They’re back: Nearly $40,000 was spent during the last Christmas season on a billboard war between atheists and Roman Catholics at the New Jersey entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. But so far, this year’s version of the atheist billboard has failed to generate much of a fight. The American Atheists’ new orange and black billboard, just [Read More...]

RIP Hugh Carey: pro-choice pol who became pro-life

The Catholic former governor of New York has died. Details: Hugh L. Carey, the governor who helped rescue New York from the brink of financial collapse in the 1970s and tamed a culture of ever-growing spending, died Sunday at his summer home on Shelter Island. He was 92. His death was announced by the office [Read More...]

New "ministers" performing same sex weddings

So says the New York Daily News, which reported on this unfortunate phenomenon yesterday. Details: John DeLamar will stand before two of his closest friends tomorrow and proudly pronounce them newlyweds. The 29-year-old has not officiated at a wedding before, and never had ambitions to become a minister, but New York‘s same-sex marriage bill changed [Read More...]

New York clerk quits over gay marriage: "I have to choose between my job and my God"

A woman in upstate New York has taken a bold  stand on the issue. Details: A rural New York town clerk has resigned her post rather than grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. “I would be compromising my moral conscience by participating in licensing same-sex couples,” Laura Fotusky, the clerk of the Town of Barker, [Read More...]

New poll: Catholics like Cuomo — UPDATED

Considering the governor’s record on abortion and same sex marriage — not to mention his “concubinage” — that can’t be the kind of news New York’s bishops like to hear. Details: Voters approved of Cuomo’s first six months in office 64 percent to 19 percent, matching his previous best in April, according to a survey [Read More...]