Dolan: gay marriage bill "an ominous threat"

The Archbishop of New York made his remarks this morning on a New York radio show: Timothy M. Dolan, the Roman Catholic archbishop of New York, who has been a low-key presence during the debate over same-sex marriagein the state, called in to a capital radio talk show Friday morning to warn that the proposed legislation [Read More...]

Evangelicals, Catholics, Jews band together to fight gay marriage in NY

An unusual but potentially potent alliance has formed in recent weeks to try and keep New York from becoming the sixth state in the country to allow homosexual marriage. Details: Evangelicals, Jews and Catholics in the state are urgently mobilizing their communities to bring a stop to the legalization of gay marriage. Senators’ offices are [Read More...]

Not too busy, after all: Dolan and Cuomo to meet

After the kerfuffle last week, the two men found time for a meeting today, according to the New York Times: For Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, it is a lesson that not even his Catholic-school upbringing could have taught: When you are the state’s top elected official, even the most innocent scheduling conflict can assume a life [Read More...]

New York anti-abortion billboard removed

You probably remember this story from earlier in the week.  Now the billboard in question has officially been removed: New York’s Archbishop Timothy Dolan has a few things to say about all this on his blog: Here in New York, a billboard was recently displayed, that simply stated “The most dangerous place for an African-American [Read More...]

Andrew Cuomo's Epiphany: mass at Albany's cathedral

New York’s new governor  evidently began the new year like a lot of Catholics did: by heading to mass. From the New York Daily News: Gov. Cuomo got some spiritual backing Sunday as he set out to revitalize state government. The new governor began his second day in office at 9 a.m. Mass at Albany’s [Read More...]