Newtown’s Lutheran pastor apologizes for taking part in prayer service

 Details:  A Lutheran pastor in Newtown, Conn., has apologized after being reprimanded for participating in an interfaith vigil following the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Rev. Rob Morris, pastor of Christ the King Lutheran Church, prayed at the vigil the Sunday following the Dec. 14 shootings alongside other Christian, Muslim, Jewish and [Read More...]

Heavenly and heartbreaking: Newtown kids singing “Over the Rainbow”

Kids from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown appeared on “Good Morning America” yesterday with singer Ingrid Michaelson for a sweetly moving rendition of a song that, I dare say, has never resonated quite like this. Check it out, and learn the story behind it, below.  Warning: Kleenex suggested. [Read more...]

The Christmas message from Newtown’s pastor

Msgr. Robert Weiss published the following in his parish bulletin this week: Dear Parishioners, Had I written my Christmas message a couple of weeks ago as I had planned, it would have had a far different tone than this message. We have not only witnessed one of the greatest tragedies in the world, but we [Read More...]

After Newtown: answering the question of “Why, God?”

Maureen Dowd asked a priest friend to reflect on the tragedy in Newtown, and the result is a beautiful meditation on the mystery of faith:  I remember visiting a dear friend hours before her death and reminding her that death is not the end, that we believe in the Resurrection. I asked her, “Are you [Read More...]

Great moments in journalism: how the NY Times bungled the Newtown story

After surveying some of the mistakes in the Times’s early coverage of the tragedy, the paper’s new public editor gives the coverage a long-overdue thrashing: On the first day, The Times reported on its Web site that the gunman was Ryan Lanza, attributing that information to other news organizations. It was actually his brother, Adam [Read More...]

Bishops favor “reasonable restrictions” on guns—UPDATED

From Catholic News Service:  As momentum builds to implement new limits on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips, the Catholic bishops of the United States remain focused on seeking “reasonable restrictions” on gun ownership without infringing upon Second Amendment rights. “The bishops continue to support measures that control the sale and use of firearms and [Read More...]

Shared grief: the Amish and the parents of Newtown

The horrific story of the Amish shooting in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania in 2006 was on my mind this week.  The people of Nickel Mines understand, perhaps better than anyone, what the families are facing in Newtown.  I remembered that the Amish responded to their grief with astonishing grace and mercy—reaching out to forgive what would [Read More...]

Pray for this priest…

You’ve seen his picture, the young man in the middle shown here, next to Newtown’s Msgr. Weiss.  Now, hear his story: (H/T Mark Shea and Tom Crowe) The following comes from the priest’s sister: My friends, All of you, I am sure, have heard so much about the tragedy in Newtown, CT. Many of you [Read More...]

“I thought about Paul”: the compassionate courage of the pastor in Newtown

A colleague at work noted today, “It’s at moments like this that the Church as at Her best.” As evidence, here’s a great profile of a great priest, from the Washington Post:  As if it were any normal day, Monsignor Robert Weiss had his usual breakfast at the Sandy Hook Diner — a short stack [Read More...]

At Newtown parish, “faith in action”

A beautiful testimony to the power of prayer, and the power of presence, from the National Catholic Register:  Nothing seemed different about the well-traveled two-lane route leading into this Connecticut community on Saturday. Newtown looked for all purposes like the typical scenic, small New England town — the way it always did. The turn at the [Read More...]